Who We Are

We are a collective of writers from different backgrounds brought together by love of the daily practice. Over time, we hope to gather in many iterations to support creative writing in all its forms through events, workshops, hoe-downs and collaborative writings. Basically, we’re keen on a participative, polysemic, listening approach to the creative process.

The 2016 summer workshops will be led by:

Jamie McPartland: Jamie has taught at the Emerging Writers Institute at Brown and Yale, at The Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Touro College and in the French public school system. The goal of her workshops is to help create a communal feeling of venturing into unknown territories, a bit of wildness and a lot of play. The same goes for her own fiction and paintings.

Peter Oviatt: Peter is a doctoral student in anthropology and an ashtanga yogi. He writes about different types of knowledge and learning, and their interdependence. His focus is always on encouraging students to cultivate their own methods of knowing (or unknowing), whether in their yoga practice, their writing practice, foraging for mushrooms, and beyond.


The entire workshop series has been made possible by a grant from the Ella Lyman Cabot Trust.